'Cope' The Documentary

     Out of all of the fun and incredible things I was able to create in my university program, none of them I am more proud of than this documentary. 'Cope' means the world to me. It's a documentary about my life, accident and how my mom and I are coping with the ramifications of everything years later. It is a very emotional piece of cinematography that was pieced together by my fellow classmates Hayley, Belgin and Jacqueline to help bring my story to life. All four of us worked tirelessly to make it what it is and we are so incredibly proud.

     Although this was a project for our university class, it was also entered into a competition. Upon submitting our documentary into RTA Top Docs, we truly had no expectation as to the outcome. That is why when we took home the top prize, we were incredibly humbled and surprised at the same time. It was such an honour to have been judged by Canadian award-winning filmmaker's and have our work be reviewed and respected by our peers.

     This documentary was a labour of love and a lot of hard work, so I hope you love it as much as we do. Again a huge I love you and thank you to my fellow classmates Hayley, Belgin and Jacqueline xox