Episode 3: Let's Talk Social Media feat. Maya Wohlfahrt

Let's lighten it up a little bit LOL It's another Wednesday which means a new episode of Tea Time with Tay is out right now! In this episode I have my first and very special guest Maya Wohlfahrt. The two of us sit down, drink some tea and discuss how we are using social media to build a brand and business. We also make time to slide in some stories from our past and what we are looking forward to achieving in the future. You can listen to it right now by clicking here.

This episode also features my very first tea sponsor Yayyyy. The very kind people over at MatchaBay sent me some of their matcha green tea to taste and review so listen out for that in the podcast and you can learn more about the company by clicking here.

Remember if you have any questions you want to have answered on the podcast you can email me at taylorln.writes@gmail.com or by clicking here.


Taylor LN 💋

Maya on the mic...

Maya on the mic...