Tea Time with Tay

Tea Time with Tay is my baby project. A little idea I've had for a long time that is based on my daily life. 

My girls and I, like many young adults, find comfort in talking out our issues whether they be big or small. While some of these conversations happen over a nice tall glass of wine, we do also indulge in our fair share of tea.

What To Expect?

A little bit of everything. Honest stories from my past and updates on my current shenanigans. Lots of laughs with my girlfriends, possibly a few tears as well as deep and entertaining conversations with the varying guests I have lined up. Tea Time with Tay is for everyone in my opinion and I really hope you love what you hear.


Taylor LN 💋

Click here to listen to Ep. 1 

'In the premiere episode of Tea Time with Tay, Taylor sits down and explains her inspiration for the podcast and details the day of her life-changing gymnastics accident. Grab your tea, sit back and enjoy!'